About TAHA

Our Mission:


Trinity Alliance for the Healing Arts is a group of individuals dedicated to enhancing the quality of life in Trinity County through education and the practice of the healing arts, and was founded in 2001. T.A.H.A. is uniting local and visiting healers, communities, and nature to increase the health of our lives and our environment.



Focus & Goals:


  • To educate the public and promote T.A.H.A. through a variety of methods, including classes, seminars, workshops, newsletters, fairs and festivals, grants, videos, catalogs, databases and special events.

  • To establish a community wellness center, including an office for T.A.H.A., with an emphasis on health.



Trinity County will be a destination where people come to heal body, mind and spirit.





Trinity Holistic Care


Jiia Bandy (formerly Angie Forslund), ND, is a Certified Naturopath. Her practice is Trinity Holistic Care. She has recently relocated to the Junction City area, as well as moved out of TAHA House. She is available for consultations at your home. Please contact her at:

Business mobile: 530-739-2629

Personal mobile: 530-739-4007
Email: angNDoc@gmail.com


Jiia was raised in Hayfork from the age of 5 and graduated from Hayfork High School. Moving away in 2001 she went to Colorado to study holistic health care practices and to work with an Integrated Medical practice in Denver. After 20 plus years of nursing and direct patient care in hospitals and clinics from the East to the West coast, she moved on to further her education as a Naturopathic Doctor. Jiia graduated from a private medical college in early 2017 and is a Certified Naturopath. She started her practice in September of 2017. Trinity Holistic Care is proudly serving Trinity County’s residents aged 2 on up helping them to achieve greater balance in health with emphasis on the Body/Mind/Spirit connection in healing. She offers Reiki, Chakra Balancing, and Reflexology Healing, as well as herbal supplements, vitamins, minerals, essential oils and healing teas.

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