Nature Consultants

Baldwin Forestry Services

Kenneth Baldwin

CA Registered

Professional Forester


  • Ecosystem evaluation

  • Management Planning

Ecological education

Outdoor living


Chanda L. Johnson

Certified Master Gardener

Specializing in:

  • Organic gardening & Permaculture with an emphasis on herbal remedies & culinary herbs


Laurie Lingemann

Sharing & Discussion:

  • Herbs

  • Organic Gardening


Northern California Dowsers





  • Tools & dynamics 

  • Well location

  • Energy diversion

Rachel Anderson

  • Organic Gardening Advice

  • Exchange of plants


Wild Mountain Herbs

Christina Johnson

Herbalist ~ Consultant


Skillful Means

Prema Jane Swearingen


John Swearingen


  • Healthy & natural

straw-bale building techniques, design, 

& workshops

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